buttery valves products

Butterfly Valves Products

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buttery valves products
buttery valves products

The wafer style butterfly valve are designed with a body lining of rubber vulcanization. The end of the rubber vulcanization adopt water line to fulfil various forms of the flange sealing requirements.
The wafer butterfly valves have a simple and compact construction, they are small in size and in weight, easy to install and maintain.

Connected with threaded inserts at both sides of the valve body, the Lug-style valves suits to be installed into a system using two sets of bolts and no nuts. The valve has to be installed between two flanges using a separate set of bolts for each flange. With this setup each side of the piping system could be disconnected without disturbing the other side.
Usually a Lug-style butterfly valve, when used in dead end service, has a reduced pressure rating. The body lining of rubber vulcanization ensure a stable driving torque. Furthermore, the ends of Body Rubber vulcanization are easy to plug water line to fulfill various forms of the flange sealing requirements.

buttery valves products
buttery valves products

The U-type butterfly valve presents a short structure length, light weight and are easy for location and installation.
This kind of valves have a simple structure: pins connect the stem and plate of valve allowing a steadily positioning. In addition seat sealing element can be changed regularly and bolt fittings are convenient in maintenance and replacing.

The structure of the Double flange centric butterfly valve complies with many international standards.
Its body lining of rubber vulcanization ensures a stable driving torques and the ends of body rubber vulcanization adopt water line in order to fulfill various forms of the flange sealing requirements.

buttery valves products
buttery valves products

The AWWA C504 butterfly valve is designed according to AWWA C504 standard and has a center lined or eccentric disc. Furthermore it is API/CE/ISO approved.
This valve can have the following characteristics:
Resilient seated or fully lined designed
Concentric or eccentric structure
Wafer or lug
Grooved or flanged

The Double flange centric butterfly valve has a structure that reduces friction of the sealing ring allowing the valve a long service life.
The disc sealing ring has a “T” structure and the sealing pair a linear sealing.
The disc ring, “O”-ring, disc and shaft are replaceable, and the valve can be used for different and medium temperature.

buttery valves products
buttery valves products

The Triple offset butterfly valve has a metal seated structure that allows this valve to be used for extremely high working pressure and temperature.
Thanks to its triple eccentric structure, externally is applied a seal specific pressure on the shaft driving torque in order to allow the valve disc and seat to form an oblique con seal surface. In this way the leakage (usually caused by ageing, cold-flow characteristics and losing elasticity of the seat) is avoided.

This valve doesn’t need flange because a tube card hoop is enough.
Moreover its spherical surface belt with good precision ensures a long-term use without leakage.
It is also suitable for a single standard card hoop installation.
The Grooved butterfly valve presents an optimized structure design with small volume, light weight and easy accessibility.

buttery valves products


butterfly valve manufacturers


We have the best prices since we just provide materials with direct payment and supply from the main butterfly valve manufacturers. The butterfly valves you need will be sent from the factory to you directly without intermediary steps. Since we get orders of butterfly valves from all over the world, we are able to provide you the best quality/price ratio.


We focus on quality and reliability of our products. We have our own technology team to guarantee you updated and innovative valves. Our Quality control department check the quality of each valve manufactured to guarantee you a high quality standard. Third party inspectors are welcome in our factory to inspect your goods

butterfly valve manufacturers
butterfly valve manufacturers


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